About Tart Vandelay

Rochester, NY natives turned Los Angeles residents, Tart Vandelay are an alternative pop music duo with a captivating twist, comprising the dynamic vocal prowess of Katie Halligan and the creative guitar wizardry of Marty LoFaso. The couple’s shared passion for music sparked during their time as students in Boston, leading them on a mesmerizing journey that has captivated audiences since their formation in 2014.

Both classically trained musicians, Halligan and LoFaso were also raised on a musical diet of funk, rock, electronic, pop, and disco. The duo initially explored a jazz-pop sound inspired by indie acts such as Tune-Yards, Dirty Projectors, and Devendra Banhart, captivating audiences with the unveiling of their "Janus" EP in 2019. Now drawing inspiration from electronic-based outfits like St. Vincent, Sylvan Esso, and Sofi Tukker, Tart Vandelay crafts an eclectic sound that merges genres and defies categorization.

For Katie, music has always been an inseparable part of her life. As a child, she learned to sing by emulating guitar and horn lines heard on the radio. With this unconventional approach, she continues to view her voice as an instrument, weaving its textures fearlessly into their compositions. With influences ranging from Robert Plant's brazen wailing to Harry Nilsson's dynamic vocal jumps, Anthony Kiedis' spiritual transformativeness to Prince's gender-bending duality, Katie uses her voice as an instrumental texture.

Tart Vandelay seamlessly integrates looping into their songwriting and performances, creating enchanting sonic layers that transport listeners to new realms of musical ecstasy. Their songs traverse a broad emotional spectrum, ranging from light and joyful to dark and sensual, while maintaining an irresistible danceable quality.Central to their song concepts are themes of self-acceptance, love, partying, spirituality, and overcoming personal obstacles. Tart Vandelay aims to provide an outlet for listeners to let go of their worries and embrace self-love, all while having a good time.

Marty's guitar playing is a testament to his artistry. With catchy funk hooks reminiscent of John Frusciante, funky chucking similar to Nile Rodgers, the psychedelic wonderment reminiscent of Jerry Garcia, and melodies that make the guitar sing like Carlos Santana, his playing adds an enchanting layer to Tart Vandelay's sound.

Not only does their sound resonate, but Tart Vandelay's vibrant aesthetic and infectious energy also leave an indelible impression. Their visual identity is a kaleidoscope of fun, edginess, humor, sensuality, psychedelia, and quirky charm. They welcome those who feel like outsiders, creating a safe haven where individuality thrives amidst a colorful backdrop.

Tart Vandelay invites you to join them on their extraordinary musical journey. Through their spellbinding melodies, infectious rhythms, and a courageous embrace of individuality, they aim to transport you to a world where inhibitions vanish, and self-love reigns supreme. So let go, follow their lead, and immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Tart Vandelay.